The most important partner of the CGN for the safeguard of her Belle Epoque fleet

S/S Montreux



Modern steam engine (2001), remote-controlled by the captain and without the intervention of an engineer - a world-first!

Woodwork of the 1st class salon from the "Valais" (dismantled in 2003)


  • Length68,3 m
  • Overall width14,3 m
  • Capacity560
900 cv / 650 kW

Renovation(s) complete

General renovation of the S/S Montreux

The Montreux was the first boat in the Belle Epoque fleet to benefit from a general renovation, returning it to its elegant former glory after a number of less than successful alterations. It is the only boat to have enjoyed a return to steam power. Between 1959 and 1961, its original steam engine had been replaced by a diesel-electric propulsion unit. It can now be controlled directly by remote control from the bridge, a world’s first requiring one less crew member aboard.