The most important partner of the CGN for the safeguard of her Belle Epoque fleet

About us

The Association des amis des bateaux à vapeur du Léman (ABVL) is a non-profit association which endeavours to secure funding to conserve the eight Belle Epoque boats of the Compagnie Générale de Navigation (CGN) – Montreux, Vevey, Italie, La Suisse, Savoie, Simplon, Helvétie and Rhône – and keep them in regular service. It is registered on the Canton of Vaud trade register;

Founded in June 2002 by true enthusiasts keen to ensure the survival of this fleet which had suddenly found itself in danger for financial reasons, it now boasts some 20,000 sponsors and almost 4,000 active members.

Thanks to the donations collected by the ABVL, seven of the eight Belle Epoque boats of the CGN have been partially or fully renovated.

To date, the ABVL has collected donations totalling nearly CHF 40 million. The funds provided by the ABVL since its creation in 2002 represent approximately 35% of the total amount invested in renovating the fleet.


Structure of the association

The organs of the ABVL are the general meeting, the committee and the auditors.

The general meeting is the highest body of the ABVL. It meets once a year.


Articles of association

You can consult these by clicking on: ABVL-articles of association (in french)


The Pro Vapore Foundation

In 2006, the ABVL created a foundation based in Geneva with the same statutory purpose as its own, to which it entrusts the funds collected.

Pro Vapore is registered on the Canton of Geneva trade register and operates under the auspices of the Foundations Supervisory Service. It is exempt from taxes.

Working in close cooperation with its sponsors, the CGN and the ABVL, the foundation handles questions relating to the management and provision of the funds collected.

Maurice Decoppet

Yves de Gunten
Vice President

Yves de Siebenthal
Vice President

Christian Colquhoun

Jean-Xavier Gersbach

Sébastien Buet, Hotelier in Evian (F)

Olivier de Watteville

Carole Hosp
Head of Sales and Private Cruises at the CGN, member

Antoine Jaquenoud
Coach in professional practice, member

Jean-François Kung, Mayor of Yvoire (F)

Jean Jacques Schwaab
Lawyer, member

Evelyne Chevallaz Belotti
Communication & Administration Officer

Christine Biolley
Accounting Officer & Administrative Assistant

Yves de Siebenthal
President, Vice President of the ABVL

Maurice Decoppet
Vice President, President of the ABVL

Luc-Antoine Baehni
Member, Romainmôtier

Fabienne Freymond Cantone
Member, Nyon

Barthélémy Grass
Member, Berne

Samuel Haury
Member, Berne

Hugues Martin
Member, Prangins

Stéphane Masson
Member, Ecublens