The most important partner of the CGN for the safeguard of her Belle Epoque fleet

M/S Vevey



- Original Jugendstil 1st class salon
- Steam engine originally, diesel-electric power plant since 1955
- Paddle wheels fully visible from the main deck


  • Length66 m
  • Overall width14 m
  • Capacity560
700 cv / 515 kW

Renovation(s) complete

General renovation of the M/S Vevey

Originally, the Vevey was fitted with a conventional steam engine from Sulzer Brothers, with two cylinders and dual expansion. An engine very similar to the one that can still be found on the Savoie, launched in 1914. In 1955, steam propulsion was abandoned in favour of a diesel-electric generator.

Diesel-electric power was maintained on the Vevey when it underwent a general overhaul, while incorporating the very latest developments in this technology. The electricity is produced by 3 diesel alternators supplying two electric induction motors which drive the paddles via reduction gears. There is therefore one starboard propulsion unit and one port propulsion unit. The entire assembly, including the paddle wheels, is synchronised electronically.

Particle filters have also been installed – a first for a paddle steamer. Some of the engine cooling water serves to heat the boat. The hold has been made entirely airtight in order to facilitate the installation of a fixed fire extinguishing system, as required by law. The Vevey is thus the first historic boat to be fitted with this technology. A veritable engine “control centre” has been created on the main deck, allowing the engineer to monitor all the propulsion installations and ancillary devices remotely.

In a “shell” dating back to 1907, the vessel boasts the very latest technological developments in naval construction and propulsion.

One of the challenges of such a project was to coordinate all the people working on the boat. Some 100,000 hours of work were required both in the prefabrication stage and during assembly on-board.