The most important partner of the CGN for the safeguard of her Belle Epoque fleet

S/S Savoie



Very delicate inlaid work in the 1st class salon


  • Length68 m
  • Overall width14,3 m
  • Capacity600
900 cv / 660 kW

Renovation(s) complete

General renovation of the S/S Savoie

From 1966 to 1967, the Savoie enjoyed its first renovation. It was fitted with two new boilers with a water softener. Furthermore, coal was replaced by heating oil.

From 2004 to 2006, the boat was given a complete overhaul after 18 months of refurbishment. Only 50% of the structure together with the original steam engine were retained. The rest of the vessel was entirely reconstructed! The work allowed the original heritage appearance to be restored, in particular with the historic 1st class saloon being returned to its initial layout. The central element of this renovation was without a doubt the replacement of the two boilers, dating back to 1967, by one single boiler. This modern boiler made the Savoie the most economical steamer in the fleet in terms of fuel consumption.

A pioneer in many spheres, the Savoie became the first historic boat in Switzerland to be fitted with a bow thruster. Since then, this piece of equipment has been installed during every renovation operation. It facilitates manoeuvres.